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    2. Welcome to

      Shenzhen RakindaTechnology Co., Ltd.

      Official website!
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      Rakinda Technology holds the idea of excellent quality, cutting-edge technique, advanced design, to provide you with best user experience.

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      • Handheld PDA Barcode Scan

        based Warehouse Management System and these handheld PDA barcode scanner devices saved the day

      • RD4500R?Fixed?Mount?Barc

        RD4500R Fixed?Mount Barcode scanner be embedded into my self-service water vendings to read 2d code from mobile phone screen.

      • RD4500R Fixed Mount 2D Ba

        We are a parking system integrator in Mexico. We are using Rakinda RD4500R in our outdoor parking machine

      • RD4500R Embedded into Tur

        RAKINDA brand barcode scanner model RD4500R, It can be embedded into the turnstile machine is very appropriate


      Smart Lock-ROHS

      Smart Lock-FC

      Smart Lock-CE

      Smart Lock-CE




      High-Tech Enterprises

      Embedded 2D module

      Shipment Barcode Scanning

      Unmanned supermarket

      Background Management

      Hotel Storage Management

      Utility Model Patents

      RoHS Cert. for 2D Scanner

      FCC Cert. for 2D Scanner

      CE Cert. for 2D Scanner

      RoHS Certificate

      FCC Certificate

      CE Certificate


      Shenzhen Rakinda Technology Co., Ltd

      Rakinda Group follows a simple and prudent business promise, that is, "Your satisfaction is our pursuit"! From us,Every product sold by our company is of high quality and quantity. We always tailor it to the actual needs of our customers.Customize the most suitable products and services to achieve "company intentions, enterprise assurance" truly.

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